Most countries will issue student visas in order to allow foreign students to attend school within their borders. However, in most cases the student must be enrolled at a postsecondary institution of higher learning. Foreign exchange students must therefore usually obtain a different type of visa, such as for temporary residence.

The best way to enter a country is through its campus. Staying there allows one to assimilate into the local culture much easier than if one enters on a work visa or a PR visa.

Studying abroad is once-in-a-lifetime experience that, if done right, leads on to fortune and if neglected does just the opposite.

Indians who aspire to have an overseas experience in their lifetime allocate a lot of their precious budget to studying abroad. If invested smartly, then entire generations, see a new bright future. To others it turns out to be a nightmare when they are burdened by the yoke of a student loan they can barely service.

That is why applicants have to be very cautious when they set out on this journey filled with several pitfalls. They fall prey to many agents who sell them a path for which they are incentivized by commissions paid by universities. We know many families who spend their last savings and took on a loan to send their child overseas only to realize that they invested in the wrong course.

We make sure that our research consultants who search for a course do with no bias and come up with the best match for the student.

We hope you understand the nuts and bolts of studying overseas before applying to a university abroad. Remember, when you come to GO FOREN, we are on your side. When you win, we rejoice.


Studying abroad is a huge step forward in life. However, when you decide to choose a counsellor to guide you in this process, you are faced with a stark reality. Most admissions counsellors are just salesmen trying to sell you admissions to a university they�re partnered with. They lure students with discounts and free services while all the time, they�re selling their partner university�s courses. The cost of availing their services is sacrificing your preferences and ambitions and possibly getting in to a university that isn�t the right fit for you.


When you decide to study abroad, you�re doing so because you have a plan. Maybe you want to get world best education and your stand among. Maybe you want to work abroad to understand international work culture for a while and return to India. Maybe you want to settle abroad with your family. Whatever is your plan, the best way to achieve this through education is by choosing the right course & college.


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