Inception of GO FOREN

The birth of GO FOREN, the immigration consultation and overseas education advising division, holds a captivating tale. Situated in South Gujarat, India, GO FOREN is widely regarded as one of the top establishments in its field. Its origins trace back to our parent company, RACHNA ACADEMY OF CAREER EDUCATION (RACE), which has been actively engaged in providing career guidance and facilitating government and private sector job placements in India since 2006. Mr. Rajesh Bhavsar, our esteemed founder, has been instrumental in assisting and guiding numerous individuals in their pursuit of settling abroad, whether as students or permanent residents.
Over time, the beneficiaries of our services grew, and they expressed a persistent desire for us to establish our own venture. This demand arose due to the unparalleled quality of our services and the satisfaction we brought to our students and aspirants. Finally, the day arrived when GO FOREN was conceived and brought into existence to fulfil these aspirations.

About scope of GO FOREN

GO FOREN specializes in immigration/PR visa, student visa, visitor visa, entrepreneur/business visa and work permit visa services. Our core expertise lies in the immigration field, where we offer comprehensive assistance to clients who wish to work and settle in a new country. Our support extends beyond initial counselling, evaluation, application, and immigration processes. We also provide additional services such as air ticketing, foreign exchange, accommodation arrangements, travel insurance, and airport transfers upon successful relocation to the new country.

For students seeking assistance in pursuing higher education abroad, GO FOREN offers coaching services. This segment has grown organically to address the need for in-house coaching, leveraging the strength of Rachna Academy of Career Education. We provide dedicated coaching for various mandatory entrance tests, including IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, GRE, GMAT, and SAT, ensuring our clients achieve the required results. These results are crucial for securing university admissions or meeting minimum point requirements for PR visa applications.

Committed to delivering the best service to our clients, GO FOREN has established memberships, professional partnerships, and an in-house research team. Our satisfied clients can attest that we consistently go above and beyond to help them realize their dreams of living overseas.

In summary, GO FOREN is a comprehensive solution provider for all overseas requirements, catering to students, working professionals, companies, visitors, foreign travellers, entrepreneurs, and businessmen.

Our Vision

Empowering Indian aspirants abroad, we strive as a trustworthy, cost-effective, and ethical immigration/visa consultancy, committed to aiding them in realizing their ambitions and dreams in foreign lands.

Our Mission
  • To become regionally recognised immigration consultant to distinguished countries.
  • To provide innovative settlement options to global destination.
  • To widen the horizon of immigrants academic, work perspectives and quality of life.
  • To promote global presence of Indians by spreading awareness of world scenario.
  • To promote economic growth of Indians and encouraging them to help their motherland.
  • By 31 st March 2025, 25 positive outcome of visas per month with revenue worth 1 million INR.
Our Values

KNOWLEDGE GENERATION for ourselves and for clients. Only information on knowledge can help you become winner.

GOING BEYOND THE ROUTINE PROMISES to get repetition and recommendation from client.

HONESTY, INTEGRITY and TRANSPARENCY in operations to its best possible level.

COMMITMENT AND ACCOUNTABILITY towards our clients. We try to remain consistent in delivery of service in cooperation and coordination with client. We listen and respond with solution-oriented ideas and actions.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Each of team members takes ownership of his part and role in organization. We explore new horizons by asking why, what, which, etc. questions. We overcome difficulties and challenges by making new things happen.

Why Should You Register With Us

At GO FOREN we firmly believe that further education requires proper planning to ensure that, students choose the appropriate academic pathway. With this in mind, we assist students by giving comprehensive information about study opportunities in various countries worldwide. We continuously believe in providing professional services to students, parents and our institutional clients at all times.

  • We are not totally different from others but we have few things those make us one of the best in market
  • We have more than 15 years experience in dealing with youth between 21 and 35 ages.
  • We have best professional partnership to offer you admission in Colleges & Universities worldwide.
  • We provide best possible assistance in immigration filing process for Permanent Residence-ship in Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
  • Our staff is best trained for helping Students go to study abroad or for a person applying for PR .
  • We are capable to provide comprehensive backup services for Indian Students throughout their period of studies in abroad and help them apply for PR then after.
  • We conduct guidance pre departure seminars to prepare the students before they leave for their studies.
  • Proper infrastructure and facility for coaching of vital exams whether computer based or not.
  • In-house R and D to ensure up-to-date information on courses and programs as well as changes in immigration rules.

Success Stories

“ Very helpful and supportive staff. Had a great support from these guys during visa process. ”

Mansi Bhavsar, PRV - Canada

“ Had a great experience at Go Foren. Really helped me a lot to get my Canada student VISA. ”

Aniket Bhavsar, Student Visa - Canada

“ I want to thank the entire team of Go Foren for sharing vital details about visa and explaining them properly. The team has helped me with great support for getting the USA Green Card done. ”

Patel P - H1B Visa USA

“ Go Foren has great coaching classes for IELTS, the faculties of which imparts detailed information necessary for getting a good score. It also has helped me get my visa. ”

Pooja D. Parekh - STV UK