Business visitor in Canada

Conversely, here are a few examples of situations in which foreign nationals coming to Canada are considered to fall into the country’s definition of a business visitor.

  1. 1. Individuals repairing and servicing, supervising installers, and setting up (not including hands-on installation such as pipe fitting) and testing commercial or industrial equipment (ex. computer software)
  2. 2. Individuals looking to repair or service equipment purchased or leased outside Canada, so long as the services being performed are part of the original or extended sales/lease/rental agreement or warranty
  3. 3. Individuals performing a software upgrade for previously sold or leased equipment
  4. 4. Individuals installing, configuring, or training others on upgraded software
  5. 5. Individuals coming to Canada to handle warranty and service agreements, in the case that contracts for this work have been negotiated as part of the original sale/lease/rental agreement or are an extension of the original agreement