Candidates have three categories to choose from when immigrating to Ontario. Click below to read more !

· The Human Capital Category

The Human Capital Category is divided into two sub streams. The first stream, the Human Capital Category, is the Ontario Express Entry, which is enhanced. The other stream, the Masters and PhD Category, is not aligned with Express Entry.

The following programs fall under the Human Capital Category sub stream:

  • Human Capital Priorities: includes the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) and Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
  • Skilled Trades: for individuals with relevant work experience in an eligible trade occupation in Ontario
  • French Speaking Skilled Worker: operates like the Human Capital Priorities program through FSWP and CEC, but applicants must have strong French and English skills.

The following programs fall under the Masters and PhD Category:

  • Masters Graduate Stream: for individuals who obtained a Masters degree from a university in Ontario
  • PhD Graduate Stream: for individuals who obtained a PhD from a university in Ontario

The programs under this stream are base streams and therefore require the candidate to create a profile and register an expression of interest (EOI) with Ontario’s Expression of Interest system.

Employer Job Offer Category

The following programs fall under the Employer Job Offer Category:

  • Foreign worker stream: for skilled workers
  • International students: for recent graduates of post-secondary institutions in Ontario
  • In-demand skills streams: for intermediate skilled workers in certain sectors such as construction, agriculture, trucking, and personal support workers.

Business Category

The Business Category is for immigration candidates looking to start a business or buy an existing business in Ontario. There is only one program under this category, which is the Entrepreneur Stream.